Tuesday, February 5, 2019

“There is a Balm…” and Why it is Just Better!

What is the Difference Between a Lotion and a Balm Anyways!?

The trade, gifting and use of balms has a place with the Rosetta Stone, Jeremiah, medieval commerce and rural recipes handed down from one matriarch to the next. What is the secret to their potency? And why are they just better than a lotion for dry, damaged, sensitive and maturing skin, especially in preparation for our imminent Canadian winter?

In the first place, what is the difference between a lotion and a balm? A lotion contains water, while a balm contains oils and waxes with no water. The function of a lotion is to deliver oil. Our bodies produce oil, because this is what moisturizes and protects the skin. A lotion uses water to deliver the oil. Water immediately hydrates and plumps the skin and it also helps the oil to absorb. However, the plumping effect is short-lived, as water continuously evaporates from the skin. This is why so many of you complain that your skin feels dry immediately after application of your lotion.

Lotions contain a mixture of oil and water and require other additives to hold the formula together and preserve shelf life. Without emulsifiers to bind the water and oil together, and preservatives to inhibit bacteria growth in environments that contain water, the formula would separate and look like your mother’s oil and vinegar salad dressing.

Most of your lotions are 70 percent water and leave little room for the good stuff. A lotion would have never made it through long days in the harshest of environments, such as the desert and mountains to heal wounds, protect and beautify.

I like the example from a recent beauty blog I read “Into the Gloss” about the waterless Korean skincare rage:

“Think of it this way—the best, most authentic rice wines are made with only the purest and most concentrated ingredients to preserve quality, taste, and freshness. Skincare products should be treated in the same, artisanal way. Of course, some water is required in the actual extraction process of the plants or herbs, but water itself is not included as an ingredient in the product.” - Noori Han and Hyunjoo Yoo from Whamisa Skincare

A balm is a concentrated, waterless moisturizer that delivers the oil directly to the skin, locking it in for long lasting hydration and plumping. This is why a little balm goes a long way versus a lotion which is predominantly filler. A balm is like getting down to the good stuff with no wasted space. And because there is no water, there is no need for emulsifiers. Oils blend together and beeswax helps to create the texture.

No water also means no need for synthetic preserving agents or parabens because bacteria requires water to grow. With our Hotty Balm line we rely on the essential oils, vitamin E and the naturally long shelf life of all of the ingredients to preserve our formulas. We have found a few jars of Hotty Balm over 5 years old in ski bags and at the stable that still smell and work great.

Now down the good stuff! Why does it work better for dry, damaged, maturing, sensitive and winter skin care!?

1. Intense Moisturizing. For dry, damaged and winter skin care a balm cannot be beat. When you use a well made balm formula because it is without water, it is like applying an invisible breathable barrier that delivers the nourishment to the skin and then because of the beeswax locks it all in, while protecting from harsh weather and external pollutants.

2. Gentle for Sensitive Skin. The majority of creams contain 70 to 80 percent water. This large amount of water requires the use of irritating thickeners, preservatives and other unnatural additives. This leaves the active ingredients, healing vitamins and oils, to make up less than a fifth of the formula. The harmful ingredients that make up the majority of this type of formula is not ideal for sensitive skin such as around the eye area. A balm is much better for protecting and moisturizing this type of fragile skin.

3. Natural Humectant. Shea and Beeswax are natural humectants and what that means is that they “attract” water. When you put these elements on your face, you attract water molecules, helping to keep skin hydrated over time. The beeswax then locks it in keeping moisture from evaporating. This means continual plumping!

4. A Band-Aid for Damaged Skin. Depending on the quality of ingredients, a balm like ours is anti-inflammatory for damaged skin. It is like putting a warm blanket on that immediately soothes and reduces redness and swelling. That is why even as an aftershave step, it is far superior to the usually harsh alcohol-based astringents, that often tighten and dry skin out. A balm is much better to treat nicks and minimize bumps and razor burn, while achieving a smooth high quality shave finish.

5. Your Skin Glows. What can I say!? Nearing 41 people ask me all the time what I use. I have loyally used my Hotty Balm with a very basic natural skincare regimen for the last decade. I love my Hotty Balm. It just makes my skin glow!

To check out the latest in the most ancient waterless skincare, look no further than www.bee23.ca! We got you covered xo

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