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8 Reasons Why You Need Iodine!

I wanted to share an experience I had the other week that lead me to do a whole lot more reading on iodine. During a gym visit I was massaging the Lymphatic Body Oil into my neck after my steam, and I noticed how painful from my ear to my throat was, along with swelling in my thyroid on the right side. That same week prior to this discovery, I had decided to get an iodine liquid supplement and it arrived one day after I noticed this inflammation. I began taking the iodine supplement once a day and within 72 hours my neck had no pain, and my thyroid was completely back to normal. This prompted me to take a deeper dive into understanding iodine and how it functions in our body. 8 Reasons Why You Need Iodine Iodine is a trace mineral, and we need it in very tiny amounts, but it has huge impact on the functioning of our bodies. Babies need 90 mg of iodine, while adolescents and adults need 150 mg, with pregnant women needing 220 mg and breastfeeding women requiring 270 mg. It would appea
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Herbal Helpers for the Eclipse Season

Plants are magic. I sit back in awe when, yet another serendipitous event happens to teach me when I do not realize there is a lesson to be had. Once the knowledge is acquired, it is a feeling filled with 'of course this is the way it is.' The eclipse season is heavy upon us, and I do not think we discuss this in our daily lives enough. I put together a list of herbs that may be fabulous helpers for you during this time and beyond, spurred on by a recent experience with Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). I was putting together my tea for the day and this plant felt like it was hopping up and down in the back of my shelf, like ‘pick me, pick me!’ I had not used Mugwort in quite some time and I thought it was interesting to be called to it. I have focused much of my relationship with plants over the years around scientific study supported by traditional teachings.  Seeking out the study behind what women like my grandmother simply knew to be true, has been my modus operandi. It

Why Does Your Skin & Body LOVE Glutathione!?

Not only did we just get back from travels and the hot topic in other countries for health and wellness is Glutathione, but Glutathione is trending!  It is a question that has been coming in both via email and at my events. Given by now most know I am a total research nerd and I cannot stop until I feel I have gotten to the source of the question, I feel compelled to share what we have been practicing in our own home over the last few years concerning Glutathione. When it comes to Glutathione, I want to discuss what we know to be true, and misunderstandings associated with how to get it, how it is absorbed, and how your body produces it. Over the last three years I have been looking heavily into how good Glutathione levels can support and promote health not only for the skin but the systems of the body. Glutathione has become recently coveted in the world of skincare due to its ability to combat signs of aging and improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. As I have discus

Dry Brushing + the Lymphatic System

Two occasions inspired this need to communicate. First, a recent visit to the Korean Family Sauna with the purchase of one Full Body Scrub. Second, a swollen node along my son’s jawline that cleared up with focused massage, along with removing an infected nose piercing! What do these situations have in common you may ask? The lymphatic system. The lymphatic system acts like a sewer system in our body, removing any toxins, waste, and unwanted materials from organs, tissues and cells. It has a role in our immunity, maintaining bodily fluids, absorbing fats in the digestive tract, and detoxifying the body. Lymph nodes are storage sites for cells along the lymphatic system. There are hundreds of these nodes throughout the body. Predominant lymph nodes are in the neck, groin, or axillary regions. The catch is that the lymphatic system has no pump and relies on muscle activity and exercise for the lymph to circulate. Signs of a congested lymphatic system include lethargy, tiredness, hea

We Nerd Out over Macrophages on The Nikki Clarke Show

  I completely nerd out on macrophages with Nikki on the Nikki Clarke Show! We also delivered Nikki her favourite Hotty Balm Mature to Dry along with a Stop the Sag Tea Bag in person. We were so excited to join live in studio at! Gratitude to TEAO Canada for such a gorgeous spirit, cause and work in their community. We discuss reducing internal inflammation, EcoParent beauty info submissions, to what it means to be a small Northwestern Ontario community up against Hydro One Networking. Watch our full interview on You Tube - The Nikki Clarke Show

Calm & Carry on! Part Two of Why we Love Stinging Nettle for Skin Care

We love stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) for skin care! This is why we make use of this plant in products for both external and internal benefit at . In Part One we share from our Clinical Herbalist Diploma thesis, 'Natural Beauty is Anything but Skin Deep: An Exploration of Urtica dioica on the Skin Aesthetic via Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, and Immune System,' how stinging nettle is able to get to the very bones of our skin care woes by strengthening connective tissue. We will continue in Part Two with experts from this thesis concerning the anti-inflammatory capabilities of this all-purpose green powerhouse, and why this is important to include in our overall skin care regimen.  Inflammation is now recognized as a risk for age-related diseases and can have impact on the deterioration of the musculoskeletal system. Stinging nettle is a powerful anti-inflammatory, for both topical and internal use having impact on the musculoskeletal system and subsequently our s

Why we LOVE Stinging Nettle & we Get to the Bones of it! Part One

For those of you ready to dig deeper into your beauty vibe we are going to share our Clinical Herbalist thesis findings from ‘Natural Beauty is Anything but Skin Deep: An Exploration of Urtica dioica on the Skin Aesthetic via the Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, and Immune System,’ in 3 separate parts starting at the bones of this discussion, because we are so fascinated with how it all works together. We know if you are serious about your health and skin care this information will be of the utmost importance to you, even if you only absorb a few snippets! Studies show that there is a connection between the deterioration and dryness of skin and osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and various bone pathologies. This is a reasonable assumption considering connective tissue is responsible for the fortitude of our bones, hair, nails, and skin. Connective tissue has a role in the storage, absorption and disposal of waste from the body, it transports vitamins, nutrients and oxygen, while a