Thursday, May 28, 2020

Why we LOVE lavender for SKIN CARE & our DREAM MIST DIY!

Our DIY Dream Mist from our Monday Tea with BEE23 included one of our fave ingredients lavender.
Not everyone loves lavender but used in the correct amount in a formula along with beeswax, it creates a jam-packed blend with dreamy skin promoting elements.

Our Normal to Oily Hotty Balm has just the right touch of lavender to help reduce inflammation, blemishes and acne-causing bacteria.

Lavender oil has antibacterial properties that help to kill acne-inducing bacteria and clogged pores. By unclogging pores and reducing inflammation when you put it on your skin, lavender helps prevent acne from developing while treating existing blemishes.

Similar to the calming effects of lavender scent, it can soothe irritated skin as well due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, lavender may help treat certain skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis. By the same token, lavender can help to treat sunburns and other pain and inflammations of the skin.

Some research indicates that lavender oil may promote the healing of skin tissue. In which case, next time you have a cut, scrape, or another wound, reach for the lavender oil to help speed up the healing process!

As lavender contains antioxidants, it may help protect against damaging free radicals which can dramatically age the skin. These free radicals are at least partly responsible for the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the face so blocking them with an antioxidant could have some anti-ageing effects. 

Beeswax also carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that are essential in fighting chapped skin and bacterial infections that tend to affect us most in the dry, winter months or when over-washing our hands! It forms a protective wall by sealing in moisture in our skin without smothering and clogging up the pores. We source our beeswax from local small farmers through Bees Are Life on St. Claire Avenue West in Toronto, Ontario.


Ingredients & Supplies:
  • 20ml Witch Hazel (or Rubbing Alcohol). We used Witch Hazel. You need to use unscented witch hazel, isopropyl or rubbing alcohol which acts as a preservative and a carrier.
  • 70ml Distilled Water OR Deionized Water
  • 40 drops of calming Essential Oils (lavender, sweet orange, roman chamomile)
  • 100ml Spray Bottle (preferably Amber Glass)
  • 1 Measuring Cup with a pouring spout
  • 1 Small Funnel


  1. Measure all ingredients and combine in your measuring cup.
  2. Use a funnel to pour your mixture into your spray bottle. Tighten the cap.
  3. Swirl the bottle around to combine.

To use: Before spraying, give the bottle a good shake to redistribute the ingredients, otherwise, the oils settle on top. Spray 3-4 times onto your pillow before laying down or spritzing lightly onto the body or pyjamas of most adults. Allow a minute for the alcohol to evaporate and the essential oil aroma to develop. Lay your head down on your pillow and slowly inhale and exhale deeply through your nose. Continue your deep, slow breathing for 5 minutes, as this will help calm you and aide in getting off to sleep.  Note: If you would like to use it directly on pregnant women or children, it is recommended to select extra-safe essential oils (such as lavender essential oil) and reducing the amount of essential oils to 12 drops or less. 
To check out all of our products with lavender take a look for the yellow labels at!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dark Circle Q & A's plus our EASY skin tightening DIY!

We love having you join us for Tea with BEE23 Mondays at 3 PM on our IG LIVE @bee23naturalbeauty! We made sure to post a recap of your product and skin Q & A's, along with the easy apple cider vinegar DIY.

Q. How do I put on my Hotty Balm?
A. After taking a shower or cleansing your face with water, pat your skin dry with a clean towel. In the morning, take several small pea-size amounts of your favourite Hotty Balm, warm it in your fingers and gently smooth it on your face. In the evening, you can use more for the night and pat it into your face for extra absorption. The Hotty Balm will melt into your hands - it has a dewy, moist and soft texture but not overly greasy which makes it perfect for any fragile skin areas on your and it feels like it fills in the lines like a primer, keeping your skin feeling nice and smooth. 

Q. Can I use it around my eyes?
A. Yes you can! Hotty Balm was designed especially for wrinkles and maturing skin, specifically around the eyes. It does not contain water, therefore it does not have the synthetic chemicals, persevering agents, alcohols and/or butylated compounds a lot of skincare products have that may cause dermatitis and other inflammatory skin issues for sensitive, such as around the eyes. It is perfect to use as a night cream and it is known to brighten the skin. 

Q.Will it help with dark circles and bags under my eyes?
A. Ingredients such as beeswax and shea butter are anti-inflammatory and reduce swelling, thus tightening the skin - perfect for those pesky bags and puffiness around your eyes. Specifically, the Mature to Dry Hotty Balm is formulated with rose and frankincense essential oils which are especially good for brightening the skin. Unfortunately, dark circles are a result of internal deficiencies within your body - sleep, vitamins, minerals, genetics etc. There is no external quick fix to solve these issues and we must also care for our bodies on a holistic scale to ensure the inside of our body is as healthy as our skin. TIP: Use organic bouillon soup cubes as a way to help reduce darkness and improve your internal health. Brew some broth in the morning and drink it throughout the day. It will help reduce dark circles internally.

Q. What is the difference between Mature to Dry Hotty Balm and the Heroine Hotty Balm?
A. Heroine Hotty Balm is made from ingredients that are certified organic, except the beeswax which is naturally sourced from local Ontario bee farms who love their bees and are of the highest quality. Natural ingredients can change in scent and texture depending on the season and time of harvest. Heroine Hotty Balm has a slight greenish tint due to the green colour of the certified organic grape seed oil. Mature to Dry Hotty Balm is a mixture of naturally sourced and organic ingredients to provide a lower price point. Heroine Hotty Balm is creamer with a fattier consistency due to the added argan oil that is not present in the Mature to Dry formula, feeling more like a night cream. Whereas, the Mature to Dry is lighter and feels more like a day cream. The Mature to Dry was the original eczema cream since it is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties and reducing dryness. The Heroine has been noted to be more helpful for those suffering from psoriasis due to its fattier and richer consistency by reducing inflammation, swelling and pain caused by psoriasis symptoms. Both Hotty Balms create a gorgeous light barrier on the skin reducing itching and inflammation.

Q. Can I heat up/melt my hotty balm?
A. There is no need to heat up or melt your Hotty Balm. The only time you would want to heat the product up is if it fractionates. Our formulas are 100 percent natural and clean therefore, it does not contain any synthetic chemicals or emulsifiers that hold it together. However, it has been developed to ensure the consistency of the product stays very stable for a natural balm. For those that travel to hot countries, it can fractionate at extreme temperatures when returning from a hot country to one that is in the midst of winter. If you do notice it is starting to fractionate, you can safely put your Hotty Balm into the microwave to heat up to a liquid, let it sit until solid and as it cools pop it in the fridge. It will solidify back to its original consistency. Hotty Balms have a very long shelf life and we have prototypes that are 8 years old and useable.

Q. Do I have to keep it in the fridge?
A. No, you do not have to keep Hotty Balm in the fridge. In fact, it is best to keep your Hotty Balm at room temperature. Keeping it in the fridge will change the texture and make it too hard. Another tip is to remember the humidity in your bathroom can damage your cosmetics. The best place to keep your Hotty Balm is in your Powder Room - and if you do not have a powder room, your bedroom would be just fine. 

Q. How do I put on my Body Hotty Balm? 
A. The best time to apply a Body Hotty Balm would be after a shower to lock in moisture and to plump up your skin. Pat yourself dry with a clean towel and take out some of your body balm. Although it looks like a solid, as soon as you take it out, it will melt into your hands. Once melted, rub on your arms, legs, and rest of the body (wherever desirable). You will soon notice the balm will melt right into your skin, disappearing and leaving a gorgeous glow.

Q. Can I use the body balms on my hands and feet?
A. Yes! The Hotty Balm was originally meant for the whole body and to be all-purpose. In designing the product line, the balms were targeted for women who require certain elements such as rose and frankincense meant for maturing skin and fine lines. Hotty Balm Hands and Feet is simply designed to be gender-neutral with added fragrance of cedarwood essential oil. The textures also vary between the formulas meant to fit skin type but they really can be used in an all-purpose fashion.

Q. Does the Hotty Balm protect against UV like sunscreen?
A. There are UV protection properties in each of the hotty balms but it is not a sunscreen. Each of the natural elements provides its own SPF, which adds up to be approximately 8-10 SPF for the body balms and 12 SPF for the Hotty Balm Mature to Dry. 

Q. Can Hotty Hair be used as a hair mask?
A. Hotty Hair was designed to be for texturizing, styling and reducing frizz, without being noticed (like a natural Pomade)
It gives a nice conditioning element, giving your hair a healthy and glowy look. You can use it on dry hair or wet. Customers have reported using it as a natural curl definer by adding it root to tip on damp hair and letting your hair dry naturally. Customers have been known to use it as a hair mask, leaving it overnight, to help with severely dry and damaged hair. 

Q. Can Hotty Hair be used as a heat protector? 

A. This is not recommended to use Hotty Hair before heat styling your hair due to the oils. It may cause damage and burn. However, it can protect against sun damage due to its ability to provide some natural SPF properties. 

Q. Will Hotty Hair affect my coloured hair?
A. Solely based on customer reviews and testimonials, the Hotty Hair does not affect coloured hair.
However, no tests have been completed to ensure these results. Our hairstylist has used the rule of thumb of natural products for natural hair and chemical products for chemically-treated hair. Haircare and results are very personal and we always suggest trying it out and if you are not happy within the 30 days of purchase you can send it back for a full refund.

Q. Can I use your soap on my face?
A. Yes! BEE23 natural soap bars do not contain any sodium lauryl sulphate that would normally dry and damage your skin. These soaps contain naturally-occurring saponins to remove debris from the skin naturally without making it feel tight and itchy. 

Easy Apple Cider Vinegar DIY to CLEAN YOUR FACE! A nice skin toner to remove debris, brighten skin and help reduce blemishes is to use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother diluted in water. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, apple cider vinegar helps in keeping your skin pores bacteria, oil and dust-free. It also contains acetic acid, which has been shown to lighten pigmentation and dark spots. We like to combine 1 part apple cider vinegar to 4 parts water in a container or bowl. Using a cotton pad or clean cloth, apply to your face and leave on for two to three minutes. Be sure to dilute the apple cider vinegar and avoid the areas around your eyes. To get your own Hotty on check us out at and make sure to join us for our next Tea with BEE23 Mondays at 3 PM on our IG LIVE @bee23naturalbeauty for more sweet info!

If you have any questions that you want answered drop them below in the comments!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Tea with BEE23 DIY! From our sweet Tea with Genuine Tea

As per request, we are posting our little DIY with our Hotty Balm from BEE23 Tea with Genuine Tea. So easy you can do it while on retreat. Leftover tea bags may help to improve the appearance of your eyes by reducing dark circles, puffiness, and redness through its anti-inflammatory effect, by lifting fluid build-up and tightening the skin.

The caffeine in green and black tea bags acts as an antioxidant. Caffeine is a diuretic which means that it helps to drain swelling and reduce congestion on the eye. That’s why caffeine is often used infused in beauty products – it’s a stimulant and gets the blood flowing. And when you have good microcirculation this brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin. 

However, those beauty products often lack the extra boost provided by the tannins and flavonoids in the tea. Tannins are similar to caffeine in which it aids in constricting blood vessels to reduce blood flow. This will lead to a reduction in the appearance of dark circles around your eyes.

Green tea bags specifically work best because not only do they have caffeine, but they also contain Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), another anti-inflammatory. EGCG helps to remove under eye fluid buildup (the main culprit for under-eye circles and bags). Plus, green tea's packed with antioxidants and has a higher flavonoid content. Aside from caffeinated teas, chamomile and rooibos tea are also effective in treating and refreshing sore or red eyes. They contain anti-inflammatory properties that may help to reduce any swelling or inflammation that accompanies irritated eyes. Alternatively, eyebright or lavender teas on your eyes help retain moisture and alleviate dryness. The soothing properties of these teas can relieve any irritation or sensitivities you may be experiencing.    What you need:
  • Leftover tea bags or tea leaves (preferably green tea)
  • Powdered oatmeal
  • Water or witch hazel

INSTRUCTIONS. Don’t throw away your teabags! Let your used tea bags cool. Tear them open putting the used loose tea into a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of powdered oatmeal in with the used tea (use a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle to grind oatmeal into a soft powder). Add 2 tsp. of water or witch hazel to make a paste or as much until you reach the desired consistency. Rub the paste gently on your face fully covering the face and around eyes as long as it’s not falling into the eye. Leave on for at least 15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Pat dry. And PUT your HOTTY BALM on. Check out our sweet natural beauty balms product line at!

Sunday, March 1, 2020

We're Bananas about this Smoothing Winter Facial Mask!

Is your skin feeling worn after long windy cold winter days!? We have just the trick to smooth, brighten and moisturize facial skin with this antioxidant flavonoid-rich mask. Antioxidants may reverse the effects of ageing by improving skin health and rejuvenating its appearance. Antioxidants calm inflammation while protecting the skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells. This mask is great for stimulating blood flow that can help to firm skin, smooth fine lines and reduce discoloration creating a more youthful appearance. 

Simple Banana Oatmeal Facial Mask
Only requires 3 Ingredients:
1 whole banana mashed up
1 tbsp powdered oatmeal (Oatmeal can be ground into soft powder using a coffee grinder)
1 tsp lemon juice

If you are able, leave this mask on for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. You may leave it longer for more softening. Remove with warm water and a clean towel.

Finish off with an application of your fave BEE23 Natural Beauty Hotty Balm!
Benefits of Each Ingredient on your skin:

  • Mother nature's botox 
  • Contains vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, potassium 
  • Fights free radicals and delaying the ageing process
  • Excellent exfoliant 
  • Cleanses and removes dead skin cells 
  • Draws out impurities 
  • Astringent qualities due to its acidity 
  • Cleanses and closes pores 
  • Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots

We still have some cool seasonal days ahead but you have the perfect DIY to brighten your mood and your skin.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Get your Hotty ON! Tips and Tricks for using your Hotty Balm

It's that time of the year where we honour that ever so elusive but all-powerful LOVE thang! And what better way to show you or your boo how much you love your skin by honouring thyself with applying your Hotty Balm in a super potent way to maintain that evanescent glow.

Morning Application:
1. Melt a PEA size amount of your favourite facial BEE23 Hotty Balm on your fingers.
2. Gently smooth out onto the chest, neck and face. Then, press your Hotty Balm formula in for ultimate absorption. 

Why? Hotty Balm protects your skin against everyday pollution, plus it is the perfect primer for your makeup. It's also triple the action and special because it acts as a three in one - a humectant, emollient and sealant. This means it draws water into cells, smooths and fills in between the cracks while locking in the moisture all in a one-step application. 

Nighttime Application: 
1. Pick out your desired BEE23 Hotty Balm and melt into your fingers then press in.

USE MORE at night than in the morning so your skin will absorb maximum amount of nutrients while you sleep. 

2. ⚠ DO NOT RUB. Gently PRESS IN the Hotty Balm into your skin starting from the décolleté and up to the top of your head. 

Check out to find your perfect Hotty Balm and use HOTTYLUV25 for 25% OFF until 16/02/20!

Much love xoxo

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Natural Makeup #Momboss Makeover

Is there such a thing as too authentic!?

HD film begs the question as to whether there is such thing as too authentic...for a no makeup to makeup video for us anyhow! We thought it would be super legit to do a 'no makeup' to a how-to apply 'makeup video.' I generally wear a little colour and so should have for this video but DID NOT! Lesson learned. 

I have not worn much makeup over the years. First, I don't have the patience to spend time getting ready. It has never been a huge priority for me, on a regular basis that is. I do love the fun night out from time to time to do it up, even when not in my business gear. Second, a lot of brands irritate my skin causing me to get rashy, especially around the eyes. 

BUT, as I have 'matured' I notice in pictures and in our current film quality I am more and more appearing apparition like and NOT the glowy divine type, more the 'I just crawled from my crypt and I'm looking for sustenance' type. In real life, I like my natural glow but I feel like I can use some extra help for secondary sources. The Part B of this is that I notoriously am a big fail in 'makeup application.' 

Not one to sit by in despair, we took to seeking out answers to our phantom woes. Super excited BEE23 Natural Beauty headed to one of our store locations The Big Carrot in Toronto. They offered us a hand in finding a natural makeup line called sweetly enough, Saint Cosmetics. We took these products all the way to LA to get help from a red carpet expert Josiah Cracraft.

As summer approaches it is very important to be aware of what is in your own makeup brands at home, as heat and excessive sweating opens our pores. Make sure to watch out for aluminum powder, a commonly used colourant, a known link to cause interference with a variety of cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system. Silicone and propylene glycol create texture (that helps makeup stay put) and help to retain moisture but increasingly are associated with break-outs and skin sensitivities. Bismuth oxychloride is a naturally occurring mineral and has been used since the days of Cleopatra to achieve glowy skin. Although it is naturally occurring, the majority of bismuth on the market today is obtained through the processing of lead and copper. It is further refined and altered to remove impurities, like lead and tellurium. And while this refined version is believed to be not toxic to humans when used in cosmetics, it has been linked to serious skin irritation and cystic acne.

When trying to find clean cosmetics, understand it is looking more for what a product does not contain, such as big no-no’s like heavy metals and phthalates. Look for products containing safe alternatives that do the jobs of traditional toxic ingredients:
  • Oryza Sativa (Rice Starch) – used as a binding agent and to give texture
  • Camellia Sinensis (Organic Micronized Black Tea)* Leaf Extract – a natural pigment
  • Vegetable Glycerin – a humectant 
  • Xanthan gum – a thickening agent
  • Sclerocarya Birrea (Marula) Seed Oil – a natural humectant and a conditioning agent
  • Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax – keeps oils together and gives creamy texture
  • Glycbryl Caprylate – conditions skin, is an emollient and can be used to thicken formulas
  • Theobroma Cacao (Organic Cocoa) Seed Butter – slows the loss of water from the skin
  • Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) – skin conditioner and an emollient
  • Silica*

    *as long as it is not in an aerosol product it can help with anti-caking and is considered safe
Invest in a few high quality, easy-to-apply, and made-with-good-ingredients products, perfect for that beach vacation or even to just perk up your work-day/city-staycation, and keep your skin looking fresh, glowing, and totally summer-ready in minutes. There is nothing unauthentic with adding a little colour, just make sure it doesn't sap your natural glow!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Dry Hands!? Best 'Red Carpet Ready' Hand Massage Ever!

Not So 'Hotty' Hands!?

Stressed about dry cracked hands!? 
Hiding them under the table? Not feeling Oscar ready? We have the best solution ever! BEE23 Natural Beauty headed to Hollywood to pamper the friends of Jennifer Ettinger from CTV with our Hotty Hands and Feet! Terry C and I visited The Cosmopolitan YYZ on Bloor Street West in Toronto to find out how to do the best hand massage that is Oscar ready performance. And in Terry's terms, it was 'caliente!' 

Our Hotty Hands and Feet naturally soothes, protects and rejuvenates your skin.
 The reason it works so well, besides the soft subtle scent of healing cedarwood and frankincense essential oils, is a waterless formula which means it is only the good stuff and none of the filler for powerful protection and moisturizing. Water-based products no matter how expensive or natural, are 70-80% water and are not able to do much of benefit for our skin. Water is used to bring the minimal amount of oils into the dermal layer but the moisture quickly evaporates. This formula creates a protective barrier that locks necessary oils in while acting as an invisible breathable band-aid for sensitive skin issues such as eczema. Ask for your Hotty VIP discount for 20% OFF your next service at TheCosmopolitan YYZ. AND follow the link to check out our video for your BEE23 NaturalBeauty promo product discount!