Tuesday, February 5, 2019

7 Reasons to Smile; even if you feel heavy in "Business Suits and Combat Boots"

7 Reasons Smiling is Good for Your Skin!
September for many of us is the month of get back to what may be deemed as our regularly 
scheduled program. The long summer nights and short shorts are exchanged for shorter days and longer pants. A time for transition, settling and reorganization of the mind, body, soul and agenda.

BEE23 Natural Beauty has had a very exciting summer with new partnerships, more markets and expanded retail. Our Hotty Balm line can now be found in 13 Healthy Planet Stores across the GTA along with so many more, to alleviate more of those moments when you are digging into the bottom of your Hotty Balm jar. There is so much to be smiling about. However, what is that I saw in the mirror of my mom van visor…NO it couldn’t be and how long had I been wearing it!?

There was a deep frown line right smack between my eyes. Visions of pages from an 80's beauty book written by a Swedish super model popped in my head scolding the reader for such behaviour as she placed a creamed quarter between her eye brows as an important muscle exercise. Does this work!? It looked to but what did I know!? I was 9 years old at the time and just getting the quarter pasted to my forehead was a problem. I kept bouncing around the mirror trying to find a posture that would allow it to stick in spot.

I was sending myself down a path of pending panic with the start of the school year, extracurricular activities, arguments with our jar people and all of the emails, applications and web work that had to be done. My face was so contorted it looked like I had eaten a very tart lemon while trying to recite the lyrics to Stolen Life by Arch Enemy. Well, I very quickly turned that frown upside down and I’m going to tell you why!

Smiling is good for your soul, but what about your face? While it requires less muscular movement to smile than frown, both can cause wrinkles on your skin. So…why smile?

1. Stress reduction
2. Makes you look younger
3. Emphasizes cheek bones and lips
4. It feels good
5. Lifts the face
6. Temporary wrinkles
7. It inhibits infection and reduces pain

Reducing stress has a myriad of healthy benefits for us that may directly and indirectly affect the health of our skin. Besides frowning less, the reduction of stress related hormones increases the heart beat and blood circulation, which is very good for skin. Research also reveals that we find other people who smile more attractive than those that don’t, regardless of their general physical attractiveness.

Smiling rather than frowning also exercises certain facial muscles that can help you to maintain a youthful appearance. Although you might think that smiling can cause wrinkles, the lines you get from smiling are often temporary as they disappear after you stop smiling. Other kinds of wrinkles are more permanent, and these are often the ones you get from squinting and frowning and appear around the eyes or on your forehead.

Can’t get your happy on!? Studies show a smile, even a fake one, tells the mind to get happy. Try anything that may relax that forehead and turn the corners of your mouth to reach for the sky. Watch a good comedy, call a friend who gets it or take a bath. Whatever it takes, fake it ‘til you make it. 

On a very positive note, our Hotty Balm Mature to Dry and Heroine Hotty Balm have incredible customer results for reducing already present lines on the forehead, around the eyes and upper lip. Check out our full line of beauty products to smile over at www.bee23.ca! No matter how heavy the air waves, keep it light for the sake of keeping good face. 

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